Medical Schools

Allopathic Medical Schools - Official Website of the American Association of Medical Colleges

  • MSAR - Medical School Admission Requirements - Provides comparison information for medical school admissions standards. The Pre-Health Advising office has free access to this information, as well. 
Osteopathic Medical Schools

AACOM - Official Website of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

  • AACOMAS - Application service for Osteopathic Medical Schools
Additional Medical School Resources
  • TMDSAS - Texas Medical, Veterinary, and Dental School Application Service (for all applications for schools located in Texas) 

Dental Schools

Dental School Resources

The American Dental Association - Official Website for the ADA's Education Programs

The American Dental Education Association - Information on applying for Dental School

  • The DAT - Information on the Dental Admissions Test
  • The ADEA AADSAS - The American Dental Education Association's Application Service