Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Advising offered through the School of Science Hub offers ongoing guidance and advice for students in any major who choose to pursue graduate study in medicine, dentistry, or allied health professions.

Do you have questions about pre-health advising? Make an appointment with Emma Harmon, Pre-Health Advisor at the following link:

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The Medical School Preparation Process

Step One: Know Your Path

Students from any major at Rensselaer can successfully matriculate to a medical program. While no general course recommendations can cover every scenario, we have prepared a list of common course requirements for students pursuing medical school to consider at the link below: 

Pre-Health Course Requirements & Frequently Asked Questions

These requirements are not the only things to consider, however. While you are at Rensselaer, there are a number of steps that you can take in order to prepare for your medical school pathway, including clinical hours, working in the medical field, conducting research, volunteering, and making sure to document these experiences well. Having these foundational experiences is critical to developing a successful medical school application, and understanding what a successful medical school applicant looks like can be critical to your success. 


Step Two: Understand the Application Process

Allied medical profesions and medical school applications involve a number of factors, including examinations, grades, and timing. To better help you understand this process, we have provided a number of resources below, but we recommend meeting with a Pre-Health Advisor in order to fully understand the process. Fully review the resources below, and consider what questions you may have about the medical school admissions process, including if you wish to take a gap year, if you wish to pursue certain opportunities using your Arch semester away to bolster your application, and other factors as you move forward with your application. 

In addition to the pre-Health advising process, the School of Science Hub, in collaboration with faculty members on campus, provides students with the opportunity to understand the application process and make it as smooth as can possibly be. The Pre-Health Advisory Committee meets with students in their junior or senior year in order to help them understand their strengths, develop their application, know areas in which they will need to improve, and develop a letter of recommendation that will be useful in the medical school admissions process.

Students who are interested in working with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee should reach out to


Step Three: Develop and Submit Your Application

With the help of your Pre-Health Advisor and the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, you can develop and submit your application to medical school. There are a number of steps to this process, including when to submit your application, gathering and submitting recommendation letters, and writing thank-you notes for those who have assisted you in this process. 


Other Resources

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