Moving seamlessly across disciplinary boundaries, Rensselaer brings together the best scholars in all fields to advance the frontiers of science.

With excellent leadership, a strong and growing faculty, and modern facilities Biological Sciences at RPI is poised to tackle real-world molecular problems.

Recognized for innovation in graduate and undergraduate education, the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rensselaer pioneered the development of interdisciplinary, integrated laboratory experiences. Our program has served as a national model for laboratory instruction.

At Rensselaer, education in computer science prepares students for solving applied real-world problems and for conducting research in computer science.

The past 15 years have been exciting, as new understanding of the interconnectedness among air, water, and solid Earth has come into sharper focus. We address key topics ranging from environmental contaminants in local waterways to the evolution of our planet.

Rensselaer’s unique multi-disciplinary degree combines knowledge of computing with managerial know-how to strategically solve current problems and to creatively research future solutions.

Home to some of the nation's leading mathematics experts, the department focuses heavily on teaching and research aimed at solving real-world problems.

Physics is the source of new concepts about the nature of the universe and is a driving force for new technologies. The fundamental physics research of one generation often leads to the applied physics and technology of the next.