2023 Timeline

All students will register online beginning in July. In order to prepare for registration, it is important for students to review the timeline listed below and review:

To access the links above, you will need to Request a RPI Box Account

July 10th: Academic Advising Consultation Begins

This is a time when students review material provided by the HUB about their curriculum template and course selection. During this time it is important to familiarize yourself with how to use the Student Information System (SIS) and attend or watch your department's webinars to help guide you through registration. 

For additional assitance with planning your Fall semester course schedule, you can email the School of Science Advising HUB staff at sciencehub@rpi.edu or you can also schedule a remote one-on-one meeting online.

Webinar Schedule

There will be hour-long department webinars to discuss curriculum, course registration, and other related academic topics! 

You can click on the links within the 'Session Time' columns to join the webinar. You can either download the Webex app on to your computer to attend, or click "Join By Browser" when the Webex window pops up. The password for all of the webinars is 'Science2023'. Please be sure to mute yourself when joining the webinar. 


Session Date

Session Time or Recording

Biological Sciences

Thursday, July 20th



Tuesday, July 18th


Earth & Environmental Sciences

Monday, July 17th


Computer Science 

Tuesday, July 11th


Information Technology and Web Science

Monday, July 10th 



Monday, July 10th



Thursday, July 13th


General SoS Advising

Monday, July 24th

8:00 PM EST

Pre-Med Advising 

Wednesday, July 19th


HASS Core Overview

Monday, July 10th


HASS Dual Majors

Tuesday, July 18th



July 25th - Course Registration

Registration for Fall 2023 courses will be available beginning July 25th. You will be able to view the exact date/time that your registration will begin in SIS around a week before registration. Below is a video on how to register using our SIS system.

Additional Help

How to Register

    First Semester Registration Resources by Major 

    Helpful Links