General Rules

  • Transfer students can bring in 64 credits (or must take at least 64 credits here).
  • You must receive a C- or better in the course for it to transfer.
  • Students can only apply 8 transfer/AP credits to their HASS core.
  • Students can only apply 8 transfer credits to their Math/Science core*, although there are some caveats to this.
  • If the course is part of the student’s last 30 credits at RPI, they must get approval from ALAC (and can only transfer 8 of the last 30 credits).
  • Courses must be taken at an accredited college or university (for US institutions, you can check accreditation here; for international institutions, we recommend the student check with the Registrar’s office before taking the class).
  • Students must register directly with the accredited college or university and get a transcript issued directly from that school (no third parties).
  • If a student plans to take courses over the summer or winter break, they can only take 8 credits in a 5 week term or 16 credits in a 12 week term.

Transfer/AP Credit Policy by Catalog Year

  • Started at RPI 2020-2021: 32 credit max, 20 credit limit to AP
  • Started at RPI 2021-2022: 32 credit max, 20 credit limit to AP
  • Started at 2022-2023: 32 credit max, 20 credit limit to AP
  • Started at 2023-2024: 32 credit max, 28 credit limit to AP
  • Started at 2024-2025: 32 credit max, 32 credit limit to AP

Transfer Credit Approval Process for Classes Taken Before RPI

  1. Complete the Incoming Freshman Transfer Credit Form and follow instructions listed on the form.

Additional Resources:


Transfer Credit Approval Process for Current Students

  1. Find a course you wish to take outside of RPI. Use the Transfer Credit Guide to get started!*
  2. Find the course name, number, and description for the class you are wanting to take.
  3. Fill out the Transfer Credit Approval Form.
  4. Send the filled out Transfer Credit Approval Form to the appropriate department:
  1. If the course is approved, send the signed form to your advisor for their signature.
  2. Register for the course and once the course is completed, order an official transcript to be sent to RPI Registrar’s Office. 

We strongly recommend that students get courses approved before they take them!

*If a course doesn’t appear in the transfer guide, it doesn’t mean we automatically reject it. The same is true in reverse, if it is in the guide it doesn’t mean we automatically accept it. Each time a student hands in a form we review the course to make sure it is still meeting the requirements of the RPI equivalent.