B.S. in Hydrogeology

Plan of Study

This curriculum leads to a B.S. in hydrogeology.

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
Calculus I + II
Chemistry I + II
Geology I + II
Humanities or Social Science Elective (8 credits)

Second Year
Multivar. Calc. and Matrix Algebra
Physics I + II
Computer Science Elective
Differential Equations
Biology Requirement 1
Humanities or Social Science Elective (8 credits)

Third Year
Field Methods
Structural Geology
Elective (2-4 credits)
Intro. to Geochemistry (4 credits)
Elective (8 credits)
Humanities or Social Science Elective (8 credits)

Fourth Year
Groundwater Hydrology
Intro. to Environmental Engineering
Environmental Measurements
Elective (10 - 15 credits)
Culminating Experience (3-4 credits)



The Arch is a unique approach to education that provides flexibility in the semester schedule, allowing students to pursue professional and personal development opportunities that prepare them to meet the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century. The Arch is a requirement of the Rensselaer curriculum.

Summer Here
During The Arch, students remain on campus for the summer after their sophomore year, taking junior-level classes, and receive focused attention from professors at this pivotal point in their academic progression. 

The World Away
Then, students leave the Troy campus for a semester during the traditional junior year—either fall or spring—to pursue their passions in the form of co-ops, internships, civic engagement, research, or international experiences. Students who pursue these opportunities during their academic career are better prepared for future professional careers and graduate school.

For more information regarding the Arch, please visit https://info.rpi.edu/the-arch