We educate our students for intellectual agility.

Rensselaer offers wide-ranging instruction and opportunities for individual study.  Our program includes the study of the Earth's component materials, the development of its structures and surface features, the processes by which these change with time, and the origin, discovery, and protection of its resources—water, fuels, and minerals.

This curriculum leads to a B.S. in environmental science.

Learn about Earth using techniques ranging from seismological and satellite-tracking investigations of crustal motions to state-of-the-art geochemical instruments.

This curriculum leads to a B.S. in hydrogeology.

Rensselaer offers undergraduates the opportunity to extend their financial aid and earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.

You can receive your Ph.D. seven years after starting college.

For students who demonstrate high achievement both in scholarship and in independent research.

Learn from some of the most accomplished faculty and work on some of the most exciting and significant projects in Earth Science.