Math/Science Core Requirements

  1. All students at RPI must take 20-24 credits as their Math/Science Core (usually defined as Calc I, II, and 4 intro Science classes). DegreeWorks makes this clear – there is a section called Math/Science Core.
  2. Students can bring in as many AP math and science courses as they have the scores for, but if they are over 8 credits of Math/Science APs, then they are not supposed to be able to transfer in more classes to meet their Core (although they can transfer in courses to their major requirements or as free electives). See a couple of examples below.

    Transfer Credit for Undergraduates

    General Rules

    1. Students who enter as freshman can only bring in a total of 32 AP and Transfer credits.
    2. Transfer students can bring in 64 credits (or must take at least 64 credits here).
    3. Students can only apply 8 transfer/AP credits to their HASS core.
    4. Students can only apply 8 transfer credits to their Math/Science core*, although there are some caveats to this described below.
    5. If the course is part of the student’s last 30 credits at RPI, they must get approval from ALAC (and can only transfer 8 of the last 30 credits).

    First-Year Registration

    The School of Science Advising HUB is here to guide you through the advising & registration process. 

    All students will register online before coming to Orientation in July or August. To prepare for registration, students should review the timeline listed below and look at the resources we have put together for your major.


    June 10th

    Academic Advising Consultation Begins

    The Passing of Joseph S. Levinger

    Joseph S. Levinger, a theoretical nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II and spent nearly three decades teaching at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, died on October 25. He was 96.

    Levinger was appointed assistant professor in the Physics Department in 1951. In 1953 he was promoted to associate professor and promoted to professor in 1964.


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