Pre-Health Application Timeline

First-Year Students

As a first-year student at Rensselaer, your primary focus should be on building a strong academic foundation. A solid academic record not only ensures a smooth path to your preferred graduate school but also provides the knowledge base necessary for success in future coursework and entrance exams.

If you're confident in your academic progress, consider gaining practical experience by volunteering at a local hospital or securing a part-time position within a healthcare setting. These experiences can provide valuable insights and enhance your understanding of the field.

During the summer, begin immersing yourself in your desired healthcare field through:

  • Shadowing: Observe medical professionals in action to gain firsthand insights into the field.
  • Patient-Focused Work: Explore roles such as certified nursing assistant (CNA) or emergency medical technician (EMT), medical assistant, phlebotomist, or pursue certification in those areas.
  • Volunteering: Engage with local organizations or hospitals to contribute to your community and gain exposure.
Second Year Students

In your second year, while maintaining your academic commitment, seize additional opportunities to engage with the medical field:

  • Confirm that you are meeting the academic prerequisites for your chosen pre-health path.
  • Cultivate relationships with advisors, mentors, and faculty who can support your journey and provide future letters of recommendation.
  • Explore research possibilities and seek additional clinical experiences to broaden your understanding.
  • Prepare for the Arch semester by planning which opportunities align with your goals.
Third Year and Beyond

As your third year approaches, it's time to plan your application to medical school. Consider whether you'll apply for immediate enrollment or opt for a Gap Year. Here's a timeline to guide your medical school application process, commencing in the fall of the two years before your intended matriculation:

If you have questions about the timeline, please feel free to email or make an appointment!

  • Apply for the Pre-Health Advisory Committee
  • Create list of planned institutions
  • Begin contacting letter of recommendation providers
  • Prepare for admissions exams (MCAT, etc.)
  • Take admissions exam before June
  • Begin working on personal statements
  • Take supplemental examinations (CASPer, PREview)
  • Prepare to apply in late May/early June
  • Complete required secondary applications
  • Prepare for initial in-person interviews
  • In-person interviews begin
  • Admissions given on a rolling basis
  • Review your admissions decisions and prepare for making a decision in April
  • Continue interviews at waitlisted schools
  • If accepted, prepare to commit to a school by April
  • Matriculation