The Pre-Health Advisory Committee

For students applying to Pre-Health Programs. 

Students who are applying to Pre-Health programs in the following areas are eligible to participate in our Pre-Health Advisory Committee Process: 

  • Allopathic Medical Schools (AMCAS)
  • Osteopathic Medical Schools (AACOMAS) 
  • Dental School (ADEA)
  • Physician Assistant School (CASPA)
    • Please note that the Committee Letter for CASPA does not serve as the only required document for evaluations. See Pre-Health Advisor for more details. 

Students who are considering other programs may still seek assistance through the Pre-Health Advisor, but we are not presently offering this process to students in those programs. 

Application Process

Please note: The deadline for the committee application has passed for the Fall 2025 application cycle. Applications for the Fall 2026 application cycle will begin in October 2024.

What is the Pre-Health Advisory Committee? 

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee is a Spring-only committee of faculty and staff members who assist students who are interested in Pre-Health programs to gain a Committee Letter of Evaluation. This letter represents a culmination of your letters of evaluation from other sources and is intended to serve as an official representation from Rensselaer regarding your ability to join the medical profession. Rensselaer offers this service to students and alumni both. 

What are the requirements of the Pre-Health Advisory Committee?

In order to take part in this process, students must have an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher. In addition, we highly recommend that students have an array of extracurricular activities, medical experience, and a timeline to complete required standardized exams prior to applying.

  • During the process, students will need to provide the following to the committee: 
    • Completed Pre-Health Advisory Committee Application
    • Official or Unofficial RPI Transcript
    • Official or Unofficial Transcripts from All Prior Institutions
    • Personal Statement Draft
    • Current Resume
    • List of 10 'Activity Logs' that describe relevant medical or extracurricular experiences
    • Names and Contact Information of Four Letter of Evaluation Providers (Two Must Be Faculty)

Students are required to meet all deadlines for submission and to reach out to their evaluators to ensure that all letters of evaluation are received promptly.

What do I receive from the committee? 

Each Spring semester in early March through April, the committee meets with students who have successfully applied to the committee for a 45 minute interview that allows us to get to understand your desire to attend medical school. During this interview, we use your prior submitted materials to ask you questions about your goals, and then write a letter and include your prior submitted information and letters of evaluation to write a comprehensive summary of you as an applicant. This summary replaces the need for you to submit individual letters to each school for most application services. In addition, you will receive feedback from the committee regarding your interviewing skills and your overall application. During the application process, if we feel that your application is weak or unlikely to succeed, we will also offer you guidance towards means of strengthening your application for the next cycle.  

Members of the Pre-Health Advising Committee

The Pre-Health Advising Committee consists of staff and faculty members from across campus, including: 

  • Lee Ligon (School of Science Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

  • Emma Harmon (Pre-Health Advisor)

  • Tankut Atuk (Assistant Professor, Sociology)

  • Michael Klein (Lecturer, Biological Sciences)

  • Alicia Walf (Sr. Lecturer, Cognitive Science)

  • Mariah Hahn (Professor, Biomedical Engineering)

  • Kristen Kettering (Career Counselor, Center for Career and Professional Development)