Students considering apply to dental school generally must meet the following course requirements. Please keep in mind that these requirements can change depending upon which schools that you apply to, and these are general recommendations. It is imperative that you research the schools you are applying to in order to meet any additional requirements that school may have.

Two semesters of Introductory Biology plus Lab - Required
  • BIOL 1010/1015 - Introduction to Biological Sciences with Lab
  • BIOL 2120/2125 - Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab
Two semesters of General Chemistry plus Lab - Required
  • CHEM 1110 or 1120 - Chemistry I with Advanced Lab or Honors Chemistry I (see Footnote 1 below)
  • CHEM 1200 - Chemistry II
Two semesters of Organic Chemistry plus Lab - Required
  • CHEM 2250/2230 - Organic Chemistry I and Lab
  • CHEM 2260/2240 - Organic Chemistry II and Lab
Two semesters of Physics plus Lab - Required
  • PHYS 1100 or 1150 - Physics I or Honors Physics I
  • PHYS 1200 or 1250 - Physics II or Honors Physics II
Two semesters of English - Required
  • Any two courses in LITR-, WRIT-, or COMM- that are communication intensive
One semester of Biochemistry - Highly Recommended
Any one of the following: 
  • BIOL-4760 - Molecular Biochemistry I 
  • CHEM-4760 - Molecular Biochemistry I 
  • BCBP-4760 - Molecular Biochemistry I 
One semester of Human Physiology - Highly Recommended
  • BIOL-4270 - Human Physiology
One semester of Human Anatomy - Highly Recommended
  • Offered via Cross-Registration at area colleges
One semester of Statistics - Highly Recommended

Choose one of the following (see Footnote 2 below):

  • BIOL 4200 - Biostatistics
  • MGMT 2100 - Statistical Methods
  • PSYC 2310 - Research Methods and Statistics I
One semester of Microbiology - Highly Recommended

Choose one of the following: 

  • BIOL 4310 - Microbiology
  • BIOL 4320 - Microbiology Lab
One semester of Genetics - Highly Recommended
  • BIOL 2500 - Genetics & Evolution

1: CHEM 1110 or 1120 are highly recommended for students planning to take CHEM 1200 or above. As the Pre-Dental curriculum requires CHEM-1200, we highly recommend signing up for CHEM-1110 or 1120. If you have already taken it, CHEM-1100 is an acceptable course for dental schools.

2: Statistics course will depend upon your choice of major. For students whose curriculum does not require a statistics course, we recommend MGMT-2100.

Please note that the listed courses are given as examples and are not exhaustive. Some courses not listed may also fulfill the requirements listed. Please see the pre-health advisor for any questions. 


The Dental Admissions test is required for admissions to Dental School. Students accepted to Dental School typically score in the 19-20 or higher range. For more information on the DAT, see the official website.