Chemistry for a rapidly changing world.

Chemistry, the interactions of atoms and molecules with each other and with their surroundings, is fundamental to understanding the materials and processes that make up our environment, our technology and ourselves.

An American Chemical Society accredited curriculum leading to the degree of B.S. in Chemistry, our program is based on a set of required courses that provide a broad foundation in the subject along with the opportunity to select electives to provide depth in the field or to explore other areas of study. The curriculum is based on a series of basic and ad­vanced theory courses and a laboratory program emphasizing hands-on experience with modern instruments and techniques presented in up-to-date facilities. Participation in undergraduate research starting at an early stage is encouraged, and opportunities to improve the written and oral communication skills that are essential for many careers are provided.

Under this program, qualified students in their senior year can apply for the M.S. program, take graduate courses in their 4th and 5th years, and obtain both degrees at the end of 5 years while retaining their undergraduate financial aid package for the additional 5th year. Since research is a component of our M.S. program, this is most easily accomplished by students who have had significant experience in undergraduate research.

A limited number of highly qualified students in the school of science are invited, usually in the sophomore year, to enter an accelerated program in which they can begin Ph.D. research as undergraduates and have the opportunity to complete the work for the Ph.D. in 7 years. Financial support is provided for summer research as well as during the graduate school portion of their program.

Rensselaer’s Chemistry Ph.D. program provides opportunities for research in the frontiers of chemistry, with abundant opportunities for work in interdisciplinary fields and with internationally recognized faculty.

Students who want to expand their backgrounds beyond the B.S. level and obtain some research experience can benefit from an M.S. program that combines a solid foundation in courses with cutting-edge research opportunities.