Take advantage of a unique kind of synergy.

Rensselaer is a world in which people come together, solve problems, and take advantage of a unique kind of synergy. They do this across the disciplines.  At Rensselaer, students leap across boundaries and become versatile leaders who know how to collaborate.

Emphasizes modern molecular and cellular-level biology, providing you with a strong background in quantitative, physical, and chemical biology.

One of the few universities to offer an undergraduate program in this emerging field.

Taught in conjuction with the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.

Earn your B.S. and M.D in only seven years.

Rensselaer offers undergraduates the opportunity to extend their financial aid and earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years.

You can receive your Ph.D. seven years after starting college.

For students who demonstrate high achievement both in scholarship and in independent research.

An interdisciplinary program that includes a broad grounding in the mathematical, chemical, physical, and biological sciences.

Learn analytical problem-solving skills using cutting-edge research approaches and technologies.

Prepares students for jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other related industry sectors.