The results of the 2019 Mathematical and Interdisciplinary Contests in Modeling (MCM/ICM) have been posted, and five of the teams from Rensselaer have achieved Meritorious distinction (top 6-8% of approximately 4-5 thousand entries submitted, depending on problem).  These meritorious papers are as follows:

  • Problem A (dynamical models of dragons):
  1. Huajun Li (CSE/CS), Jieyang Xu (Aero/math), Haoyu Li (geo/math)
  2. Julian Mintz (physics/math), Christina van Hal (math), Jake Watts (physics/math)
  3. Mack Qian (CS) and Owen Lockwood (CS/philosophy) (first year students!)
  • Problem C (data based modeling of opioid addiction epidemic):
  1. Yuxuan Wang (CS), Tengteng Tao (physics), Ziyi Wang (CS/math)
  • Problem D (emergency evacuation of Louvre museum):
  1. Ian Ferer (math), Adam Rabinowitz (math/CS), Ido Tamir (CS/math)

This year's result is by far the most number of teams we have ever had reach this selective level of distinction!  In addition to the teams listed above, the following teams received honorable mention (top 23%): Xinyi ZhuangBolai Lin, and Wenlin GongJoshua LebedinskyJulian Cohn, and Josh SafierRachel KlementowskiSharon Lin, and Miriam RundellYifan YaoChenyu Wu, and Yushen Huang.

Congratulations to our students for our broadest level of success in this contest, and particular thanks to our coaches Mallory GaspardJesica Bauer, and Taylor Parrish who brought new ideas, formats, and energy to revitalize our practice sessions.

Support for the contest training was provided by the National Science Foundation through the department's Research Training Grant.