Polymer Chemistry

Polymers and plastics are a major area where chemists are employed. Besides the polymer course required in our traditional curriculum, Chemistry special topics courses and courses in the Materials Science and Engineering can provide useful electives while undergraduate research opportunities provide more experience.

Materials Chemistry

Courses in Material Science and Engineering are useful for  students who wish to specialize in the preparation and characterization of solid state materials such as semiconductors and ceramics used in high technology industries, or who are interested in graduate programs in materials science and engineering. Many chemists are employed in these areas. Courses in the structure and properties of ceramics, glass, semiconductors and metals as well as properties of materials are good choices.

Environmental Chemistry

Chemists in the environmental field are employed most commonly in industry, government agencies, consulting firms and water treatment facilities. Some courses that are particularly helpful in providing an appropriate background can be found in the Environmental Engineering, Earth and Environmental Science, and Biology departments.


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