Rensselaer is interdisciplinary.

The lines dividing departments and curricula are blurred and intersecting. Faculty, students, and even the programs themselves integrate and cooperate. In today’s world, computer science graduates need to know about business. Engineers need the ability to communicate effectively. Architects must master new tools of information technology.

Graduate Studies

The divisions among the basic disciplines in the sciences—and among specialization within particular areas of science—are no longer as distinct as they once were.

Many of Rensselaer’s interdisciplinary programs in the School of Science have gained national recognition. Many students and faculty in science participate in institute-wide centers, including integrated electronics, composite materials, design, robotics, scientific computation, and more. Others undertake co-op programs within industry.

Undergraduate Student Research

Student researchers play a critical role in the world-changing discovery, innovation, and breakthroughs taking place across campus.

Working at the frontier of today's most critical areas of inquiry, Rensselaer attracts roughly $80 million in research funding each year. We strongly encourage our undergraduate students from all five schools to become part of this exciting research and to make research an integral part of their undergraduate education.


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