Anthony Bishop

I entered the BS/PHD program in spring 2012 with the intent of obtaining a PhD in Biochemistry. After rotating through three different labs, I settled on a project characterizing the formation of fibrils of a protein implicated in HIV transmission in males. I am currently using solution state NMR as well as molecular dynamics simulations to characterize the structure of the moomeric state of the peptide and with luck find a conformation of the monomer that leads to fibril formation.

Kaylyn Bell

I've always had a love for science, so coming to RPI was a natural step towards building my career and when I got the opportunity to apply for the Accelerated BS/PhD program, I knew it would be the right fit for me. It is exciting to think that through this program I will not only earn my PhD in 7 years, but I will also get the opportunity to work in different labs to discover which area of research interests me the most.

Hannah Trasatti

IWhile many students go into college unsure of where their passion lies, I never doubted that science was my true calling. I liked both biology and chemistry, and thus decided that Biochemistry/Biophysics was the right fit for me. I was accepted into the Accelerated B.S./Ph..D. Program in Fall 2011. I am currently working in the lab of Dr. Wilfredo Colón to develop a method to isolate and enrich kinetically stable proteins in human plasma.

The Jefferson Project at Lake George

The Jefferson Project at Lake George is a historic partnership of The FUND for Lake George, IBM, RPI and Rensselaer's Darrin Fresh Water Institute to make Lake George a global model for ecosystem understanding and protection. By creating predictive capacities that harness latest science to light the path forward, this model aims to deliver ecological and market benefits that are widely felt, in the U.S. and worldwide.


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