Undergraduate Dual Majors

The nine free electives in the math curriculum provide a unique opportunity to pursue a dual major. To help design your program of study you should discuss your program with your faculty advisors. A math advisor will be assigned by the Chair of the department when you enroll in the dual degree program.

Some recommended dual majors are:

  • Mathematics of Computation and Computer Science
  • Mathematics of Operations Research and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Mathematics and Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Psychology
  • Mathematics and Communication

Dual Majors at Rensselaer

Undergraduate students who fulfill all the degree requirements for two curricula and who have met the conditions below will have completed a dual major. They will receive one diploma noting both majors.

  • The student must designate a first-named and second-named major in writing at least one semester prior to graduation, and have the appropriate department(s) approve this designation prior to filing the dual major form with the registrar.
  • Each student will be assigned an adviser in each department who monitors progress towards degrees in that department.
  • The degree clearance officer in the department certifies that the student has met the degree requirements in that department.
  • The 24 credit hour mathematics/science requirement and the 24 credit hour humanities and social sciences requirement satisfy the Institute requirements for both majors.