M.S. in InformationTechnology (APS)

Online and in the Class.

A part-time master’s degree program for the 21st century student and professional. You will complete the same rigorous course work and earn the same highly respected degree as our full-time students—but through a blended-learning program designed to meet your schedule and the demands of your career.

  • World-class faculty members who are redefining, reinventing, and revolutionizing their fields.
  • A blended-learning approach that offers maximum flexibility by combining classroom and online instruction.
  • The reputation of the nation's oldest technological research university.

Advanced Professional Studies (APS) students complete a suite of Core and Capstone courses, and also select three courses to complete their concentrations in Data Science and Analytics or Web Science.


Plan of Study

Rensselaer’s Master of Science in Information Technology balances the study of management strategies and technology leadership with advanced course work in an IT concentration. For the Advanced Professional Studies (APS) degree, students complete a suite of Core and Capstone courses, and also select three courses to complete their Concentrations.


Students admitted to the M.S. in IT develop an approved plan of study that includes the following:

  • Ten courses in IT
  • A minimum of six courses at the 6000 graduate level
  • Five Core courses in Information Technology
  • A minimum of three courses in a Concentration
  • One elective
  • Master’s Capstone course


Data Science and Analytics

Extends analysis by using insight from analyses to recommend action or to guide and communicate decision-making. Key topics include: advanced statistical computing theory, multivariate analysis, and application of computer science courses such as data mining and machine learning and change detection by uncovering unexpected patterns in data.

Web Science

Focuses on one of the most powerful research, social and commercial technologies of our time. The leader of the concentration is Dr. James Hendler, an internationally renowned figure in Web research and one of the pioneers of the Semantic Web. Along with colleagues Dr. Peter Fox and Dr. Deborah McGuinness, Dr. Hendler is working on research to advance scientific discovery and innovation by enabling rapid and easy collaboration between scientists, educators, students, policy makers, and even "citizen scientists" around the world wide web. They have created an innovative set of courses that focus on new trends in eScience and new technologies for the World Wide Web. IT professionals who complete this concentration can apply their knowledge to careers in web-based businesses, web-based startup companies, or to playing the role of innovators in their organizations' use of the web.