General Rules

  1. Courses completed at other colleges may be considered for transfer credit at Rensselaer. Entering freshmen may transfer a maximum of 32 credit hours; only 20 of which may be AP/IB credits or other equivalent credits.
  2. Transfer students can bring in 64 credits (or must take at least 64 credits here).
  3. Students can only apply 8 transfer/AP credits to their HASS core.
  4. Students can only apply 8 transfer credits to their Math/Science core, although there are some caveats to this described below.
  5. If the course is part of the student’s last 30 credits at RPI, they must get approval from ALAC (and can only transfer 8 of the last 30 credits).
  6. Courses must be taken at an accredited college or university
    1. U.S. institutions--check accreditation at the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs.
    2. International institutions--Please check with the Registrar’s office before taking the class.
  7. Students must register directly with the accredited college or university and get a transcript issued directly from that school (no third parties).
  8. If a student plans to take courses over the summer or winter break, they can only take 8 credits in a 5 week term or 16 credits in a 12 week term.

>> Advanced Placement (AP) Credit information

>> International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit information

General Procedure (for students)

  1. Download Transfer Credit Approval Form (All the rules are actually listed on the back of the form)
  2. Fill out form.
    1. Check Transfer Course Guide – if course has been approved, go to step d below.
    2. If course is not already approved, get information on course you plan to take (catalog link, description, syllabus if possible).
    3. Send this information, along with the form to either the Associate Dean of the School into which the course would transfer or the Transfer Credit Evaluator for the relevant department (i.e. if it’s a math class, go to the Math Department). They will evaluate the course and determine how it will transfer to an RPI course - i.e. as a 1:1 transfer to one of our courses (like MATH 1010), or as a generic elective (like MATH 1000 elective). They will sign the form.
    4. If course is online, even if it is already in the Transfer Course Guide, it must be evaluated and approved by the relevant department.
    5. Get Faculty Advisor to sign.
    6. Take form to Registrar’s office.
  3. Take class, get a C or better, have transcript sent to RPI Registrar’s office.

We strongly recommend that students get courses approved before they take them, but they can ask for approval after they have taken the class (but they may not get it!).

>> For more information visit the Registrar's website.