Students in the Chemistry M.S. program have access to the same opportunities to experience research in the frontiers of chemistry and interdisciplinary fields as students in the Ph.D. program, but in a less intense manner and with emphasis on ensuring a sound program of coursework.

Students must complete 30 credit hours of research and course work, 15 of which must be at the 6000–9990 level. In addition, these students must submit a research thesis.

Program Outcome


In order to remain at the frontier of modern Chemistry and Chemical Biology, the department emphasizes rigorous instruction in the fundamentals of chemical synthesis, characterization and function using the most modern methods and equipment available to explore the boundaries and intersections between traditional fields of study. This dedication is illustrated by the number of interdisciplinary centers associated with the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department —all of which involve significant bridges between Chemistry and other disciplines, departments, and schools.


Enriching the Foundation in Chemistry or Chemical Biology Beyond a Bachelor’s Degree

A master's degree is becoming increasingly valuable. A master’s degree in chemistry enables students to round out their educations before embarking on their professional career. Accelerated master's degree programs save the cost and study time of graduate admission tests, application fees, and extra courses.


The B.S. degree in Chemistry provides students with a broad foundation in Chemistry that prepares them to solve real world problems and for a professional career in Chemistry or a related field.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology offers a modern set of graduate programs and courses that reflect the growing impact of chemistry in 21st century science and engineering. In addition to offering a variety of dynamic and evolving research programs, our faculty are well grounded in traditional areas of chemistry, while embracing new interdisciplinary programs that transcend traditional boundaries.

Undergraduate Programs

RPI's department of chemistry and chemical biology is at the forefront of research while being small enough for students to receive individual attention from faculty. Innovative teaching methods and small laboratory sections with research grade instruments allow us to offer an excellent formal instructional program, while our enthusiastic support of undergraduate research allows you to participate in exciting discoveries at all stages of your undergraduate career.


Chemistry for a rapidly changing world.

Chemistry, the interactions of atoms and molecules with each other and with their surroundings, is fundamental to understanding the materials and processes that make up our environment, our technology and ourselves.


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