Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology

Bioinformatics, also known as computational biology, is the study of biological systems through computational and statistical models. Molecular Biology is the study of the molecular components of living things. This major requires knowledge of biology, computer science, and information technology.

Rensselaer is one of the few universities to offer an undergraduate program in this emerging field. Most of the instructors maintain active research programs in different aspects of computational biology, from database analysis to molecular simulations.


A master's degree in Biology from Rensselaer prepares students for jobs in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other related industry sectors. It is also well suited to students wishing to upgrade their skills while employed in industry, or to obtain additional training prior to proceeding to professional study in medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, law, business, etc. Those with a B.S. degree in a field not closely related to modern biological science may also benefit from the program.

Program Outcome


Our doctoral program in biology prepares students for research-oriented careers in academia, government, and the private sector. 

Graduate Programs

Tackling new research paradigms.

Biological Sciences at RPI is a broad-based department that encompass nearly every area of modern biology, including macromolecular structure and function, computational biology and bioinformatics, biochemistry and bioenergetics, nanobiology and biotechnology, cell and developmental biology, genetics of model organism systems, neuroscience, microbiology and host-pathogen interactions, molecular microbial ecology/evolution, synthetic biology, and freshwater ecology.


Enriching the Foundation in Biology Beyond a Bachelor’s Degree

A master's degree is becoming increasingly valuable. A master’s degree in biology enables students to round out their educations before embarking on their professional career. Accelerated master's degree programs save the cost and study time of graduate admission tests, application fees, and extra courses.


We study life.

This vast field examines the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living things. At Rensselaer we emphasize modern molecular and cellular-level biology, providing a strong background in quantitative, physical, and chemical biology.

Many biology majors aim for careers in the health professions (medical, dental, veterinary), while others plan for careers in biomedical research. And still others plan for careers that will relate to biology, such as management or law.


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